A blast outside a Catholic church in South Sulawesi’s provincial capital Makassar on Sunday (March 28) killed two suspected suicide bombers and wounded 14 people, the police said.

Two people on a motorcycle tried to enter the church compound after a mass ended, said National Police spokesman Inspector-General of Police Argo Yuwono.“The two persons were stopped by the church security officer and the blast occurred,” he told reporters, adding that it took place at 10.20 am Central Indonesia Time (10.20 am Singapore time).

He added that in addition to the two suspected bombers, the police were investigating other body parts found at the scene. Those wounded were being treated at nearby hospitals, he said.

South Sulawesi police chief Inspector-General of Police Merdisyam told reporters that the bombing was “high explosive”, but there was no significant damage at the church. The police have set up a cordon around the church and a disaster victim identification team is investigating the incident. Earlier, priest Wilhelmus Tulak told Kompas TV that he heard a “very loud explosion” at around 10.30 am, after a second mass finished.

“Two people on a motorbike wanted to enter (the church compound), but a security officer held them (at the gate) and the explosion occurred,” he said, adding that the security officer had earlier observed the two “suspicious” persons. The Makassar cathedral is near the popular Karebosi Park, where people like to exercise.

Catholic worshipers in Indonesia are celebrating Palm Sunday, one week prior to Easter.