Minister of Environment and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) Batticaloa District MP Naseer Ahamed said yesterday (23) in Parliament that a solution for the national ethnic issue should not only be confined to the Tamil people, but should also include the political grievances of the Muslim people.

He also noted that the Muslim community is ready to initiate talks with the Tamil community to reach a lasting solution to the political issue. “President Ranil Wickremesinghe has come forward to resolve the ethnic issue. As a representative of a minority community, I feel proud. I appeal to the Tamil and Muslim MPs to make use of this opportunity,” he added.

He further noted that a solution to the ethnic issue should be long-lasting and should be a collaboration of both the Tamil-speaking communities in the country.

Ahamed also said: “This solution should not only be confined to the Tamil people but should also include the Muslim people. It should be a long-lasting solution to the ethnic issue. All minority parties in Parliament should be united and should reach a clear position with the President to find a suitable solution.”

At the same time, he also noted that his community is not in a position to make compromises. “As a Tamil-speaking community, we are also ready to initiate talks with the Tamil political parties. The solution should absorb the political grievances of the Muslims as well. We are quite firm on this and also not ready for any compromise,” he added.

Meanwhile, President Wickremesinghe, yesterday, invited all parties in Parliament to take part in a discussion with the aim of resolving the political issue in the country following the conclusion of the 2023 Budget.

Most Tamil political parties including the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) have opted for a federal solution claiming that it would be better suited for the longstanding political issue.