The draft law that has been made public record regarding the administration of the Colombo Port City implies a confederate system that runs beyond the limits of a federal system, Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Patali Champika Ranawaka said speaking to media yesterday (30).

“Looking at the draft on the Colombo Port City, this is as if the there are two separate systems, such as those between the United States and Puerto Rico. It is my feeling that this has created a confederate situation that goes beyond the federal system of those who have spoken out for unity,” the MP noted.

He added: “If tax relief is to be given to what arrives in here, there are many laws in Sri Lanka. What they are trying to do now is to create a separate country within the state. This suggests that those who had looted our country and hid money in Seychelles and Virgin Islands may now be able to hide them in the Port City. Or, it may also be an attempt to bring in black money from abroad. “

“This has to be decided by the Court, whether this gazette declaration violates the legislative power vested in Parliament by Article 76 of the Constitution,” the SJB MP further noted.