In the event that powerful countries are trying to bring back separatism to Sri Lanka through the devolution of power, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said he is not prepared to betray the country’s sovereignty by fulfilling their geopolitical interests, speaking at the Discussion With The Village program held in Pitabeddara, Matara yesterday (27).

“Every page of the Presidential Commission report the Easter Sunday incident says that this incident happened again because the government did not give any priority to national security. Basically, national security collapsed; then went to the international arena and co-sponsored the resolutions in Geneva and completely destroyed our sovereignty and freedom. We withdrew from that co-sponsorship. They are working against us for that. It doesn’t matter. We can face it. We are a free country. We can do our work, we face them without fear,” the President said.

He added: “We have no interest in intervening power struggles in the Indian Ocean, or spread the so-called new liberalism like other countries. We are not ready to betray our sovereignty by bringing back separatism in the name of power devolution to satisfy their geopolitical needs. We were brought to power to put the essential things back together.”