Chairman of the Elections Commission Nimal Punchihewa said in terms of powers vested with the President, he could dissolve parliament on March 02, 2023, and not before. He told the media in Badulla on Thursday (27) that the President should obtain parliamentary approval of two-thirds for dissolution before that.

“Fragmenting of political parties, mainly due to conflicts on personal issues, and not on policy matters, or on new political ideologies, has given rise to 79 political parties and another 76 have applied to register this year. The rise of political parties in this manner should be restricted or else there would be political parties for each elector. The criterion for registration is that the political group should have been engaging in active politics to the satisfaction of the commission.

However, any group based on ethnicity or religious identity would not be considered for registration. Delimitation of electorate based on caste differences as in several instances is not conducive to economic development or social wellbeing,” he said.